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Sanino™ Pheromone Perfume (30ml)

Sanino™ Pheromone Perfume (30ml)

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  • A constellation of enveloping notes of jasmine absolute and rose essence dazzles with an intoxicatingly soft and enveloping trail for a radiant and feminine scent.

Fragrance Family

  • Floral

Key Notes

  • Grapefruit
  • Rose Accord


Irresistible. Intense. Ineffable.

Sanino Perfume is more than a perfume—it's an elixir of desire. Crafted with potent pheromones scientifically proven to enhance attraction, this exquisite fragrance is your secret weapon in the art of seduction.

Just one spray, and the opposite sex feels an almost magnetic pull, drawn to you with an intensity that's unforgettable. Mesmerize, captivate, and leave an indelible mark with Magnetique Attraction. 🔥🧲

Note: Always remember to use Magnetique Attraction responsibly. True connection is built on mutual respect and understanding.


Magnetic Attraction: Unlock a potent allure that captivates and fascinates, allowing you to form profound connections effortlessly. Dive deep into emotional exchanges and let your presence be undeniably felt.

Evoke Deep Desires: Let every inhale stir powerful emotions, driving an instinctual pull towards you. Experience the thrill of being the focal point of someone's deepest affections.

Boost Romantic Confidence: Elevate your self-assurance in romantic settings, knowing you have an edge that naturally draws potential partners closer, allowing genuine moments of passion and intimacy.

Unforgettable Encounters: Ensure every meeting lingers long in memory. With our pheromone perfume, create stories and moments that remain etched in the heart, fostering deep emotional bonds.


Size: 30ml (lasts 6 months)
Skin type: All
Ingredients: plant extract, pheromone molecules

What are pheromones? 

Pheromones in humans are subtle chemical signals excreted by the body. They play a part in subconsciously influencing attraction and interpersonal connections between individuals, enhancing romantic or sexual interest.

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