About Us

TASO: The Genesis of an Aromatic Odyssey

In the heart of New York City, 2021, skyscrapers stood tall, and amidst the ceaseless hum of life, a revolution in the world of perfumes was about to unfurl. This revolution bore a name that would soon resonate in every household – TASO.

The Beginning: An Unexpected Alliance

The story germinated at Columbia University where Dr. Léa Moreau, a pioneering neuroscientist, was engrossed in her work on human pheromones and their elusive role in human interactions. While New York thrummed with energy outside, Léa delved into the mysteries of human attraction within her lab.

Elsewhere in the city, Rémy Dubois, a renowned perfumer with a flair for the avant-garde, was on a quest to create a fragrance that pushed boundaries.

Their paths converged unexpectedly during a seminar on olfactory science. Conversations about pheromones, attraction, and the delicate art of scent composition soon followed. A partnership was inevitable.

A Fusion of Science and Sensuality

Together, Léa and Rémy embarked on a journey to merge scientific precision with olfactory artistry. Days turned to nights as they experimented, blending traditional fragrances with synthesized human pheromones. Many concoctions missed the mark, but their shared vision drove them forward.

The defining moment arrived when Léa identified a novel pheromone associated with deep trust and serenity. Rémy, in a stroke of genius, coupled it with a blend of cedarwood, orchid, and musk. The outcome was spellbinding – a fragrance that was both sophisticated and primordially alluring.

TASO: A New Epoch in Fragrance

With their groundbreaking discovery, TASO was launched. The name was concise, modern, and evocative, encapsulating the brand's ethos. TASO wasn't just about selling perfume; it was about redefining human connections in an increasingly isolated world.

The flagship perfume, "Essence of Embrace", became a global phenomenon, with stockists running out within mere hours of its unveiling.

By 2023, TASO’s product range expanded, each fragrance designed to invoke distinct emotions and memories.

The Legacy

TASO stands as a beacon of innovation and passion. By intertwining science and art, they didn't just create perfumes; they crafted experiences. Today, as the world adorns themselves with a splash of TASO, they're not merely wearing a scent; they're embracing an era, an emotion, and the timeless pull of human intimacy.