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Belnd™ - BB Cream

Belnd™ - BB Cream

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Hydrating foundation with excellent camouflage and skin-friendly design!

Achieve flawless, natural-looking skin with our Belnd™ Mushroom Head Cushion BB Cream. This hydrating foundation cream has a skin-friendly design, excellent waterproof performance and great camouflage. The mushroom sponge provides 360-degree make-up without dead corners, while the innovative formula keeps your skin fresh and comfortable all day long.


  • Skin-friendly design: The soft and elastic bionic film and mushroom sponge ensure even, smooth application, with no dead corners for a flawless finish.

  • Excellent waterproof performance: Enjoy perfect make-up for any occasion, including outdoor activities like work, parties, shopping, and sports.

  • Excellent hydrating formula: Natural hydrating properties with a non-irritating formula keep your skin fresh and comfortable all day long.

  • Great camouflage: Instantly hides blemishes, dark spots, and redness for a beautiful, natural, and radiant look.

  • Easy make-up application: The small mushroom puff stick, when soaked in water, becomes larger and softer, making it portable, skin-friendly, and easy to apply.


    • Specification: 20g
    • Skin type: Normal

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