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Correx™ - Nail Corrector Patch

Correx™ - Nail Corrector Patch

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Treat your nail pain quickly and effectively!

Correx™ utilizes a patented lever mechanism to realign nail growth and restore its original angle. The patches effectively straighten the sides of the nail, promoting uniform and visually pleasing growth.

How does the Correx™ work?

Correx™ is super easy to apply and requires no additional treatment. Simply stick the patch on your toenails and press it firmly. Thanks to their shape and strong adhesive power, the Correx™ then provides a leverage mechanism that brings your toenails back to their natural shape and guarantees beautiful and healthy nails.


  • Cures any nail ailments - Thanks to the innovative design and technology, the Correx™ helps with a wide variety of nail ailments, such as ingrown toenails or fungal infections.

  • Painless & Easy - The Correx™ allows a painless and quick correction of the nail and contributes to long-term better nail care.
  • Boosts your confidence - Stop hiding your feet! Finally walk with a smile again in sandals, flip flops, or barefoot thanks to Correx™. They straighten your toenails and finally make them look healthy and natural again.


  • Skin Type: General
  • Material: Resin
  • Positive nail sticker size: 2*0.6cm

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