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Couch™ - Sofa Cover

Couch™ - Sofa Cover

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Plush Leather Couch Slipcover for Living Room!

Introducing our Thicken Couch™ Plush Sofa Slipcover – the perfect blend of comfort, style, and whimsy for your living room!

Super Soft Comfort

Crafted from high-quality super soft plush material, our slipcover not only transforms your sofa but also invites you to relax in unparalleled comfort. It's not just decor; it's a cozy retreat for your leisure moments.

Non-Slip Assurance

Say goodbye to constant adjustments! The non-slip design keeps your slipcover securely in place, providing both style and stability. Enjoy a worry-free and whimsical seating experience.

Universal Fit

Tailored for a variety of sofas, this slipcover effortlessly brings a touch of modern charm to any couch. The universal design ensures that your furniture stays on-trend while enjoying the cozy embrace of rabbit plushness.

Thick Rabbit Plushness

Immerse yourself in the plush softness of our thick Couch™ slipcover. The thicker material not only adds extra comfort but also enhances the visual appeal, turning your sofa into a luxurious haven.


  • Fabric Style: Fleece
  • Fabric Construction: 500gsm
  • Style: Solid
  • Material: Plush Velvet

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