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Duviae™ - Instant Cream

Duviae™ - Instant Cream

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Intensive Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Brightening Cream!

Rejuvenate your skin with our Duviae™ Blood Essence Gel, a luxurious cream formulated to moisturize, tone, tighten, and brighten your complexion. With its unique blend of ingredients, this cream effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and dryness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and radiant.


  • Moisturizing: Improve dry and rough skin
  • Fade fine lines: Lightens and stretches dry lines and fine lines
  • Tightening and rejuvenating: improve skin elasticity
  • Concealer brightening: Effectively covers small blemishes

How to use:

  • Step 1: Before using Duviae™ Blood Cream, be sure to fully replenish water (based on toner, essence, and lotion) to help the skin absorb nutrients better. After use, the skin will be white and translucent from the inside out.

  • Step 2: Take a bean-sized Duviae™ blood ointment, apply it to the whole face with a star, apply a small amount several times, a little bit, and then gently "pat" evenly until absorbed. Be careful not to apply directly.

  • Step 3: Gently pat it evenly on the face until it is absorbed. After using it for a month, the skin will be delicate and translucent from the inside out.

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