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Elixir™ - Hair Comb

Elixir™ - Hair Comb

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Struggling With Hair Loss, Thinning?

The wand stimulates and massages your scalp to boost blood flow. This draws nutrients to your weaker roots and heals your scalp.

3 Key Ways High Frequency Grows. Hair Faster & Stronger Only takes 8 mins per day!

Creates ozone treatment for a relaxing cleaning at the surface. of your skin.
Nourishes roots to boost cell turnover rate to improve hair and scalp health.
Heat increases blood flow to bring more nutrients and. hydration in that area to flush out toxins.

Micro Current Stimulation: The lead-in function of microcurrent stimulation helps safely and effectively induce hair growth by stimulating dormant hair. follicles through multiple hair growth factors

Sonic Vibration: Ultrasonic waves create a powerful yet gentle vibration for a true at-home scalp massage. experience. The scalp massage was found to help relieve stress and reduce tension.

Therapeutic Warmth: Targeted heat at a therapeutic temperature is delivered to the scalp to increase skin permeability and blood flow, allowing the elixir. to absorb deeper into the scalp, follicle, and shaft.


  • HIGH-FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY: High-frequency face stick is a new high-frequency technology. It is safe, meets your various needs, and is very effective.

  • BALANCES PH: Relieves discomfort and balances PH. Accelerate blood circulation, and promote metabolism. It has the effect of firming skin.

  • ANALGESIC PROPERTIES: It helps calm and has analgesic properties. Produces ozone clean, helps wound healing, and inhibits pores.

  • EASILY USE: Select the required glass tube, insert the required glass tube into the HF machine, and gently push it into place. Please adjust the volume to the beginning level before use.

  • DIFFERENT FREQUENCY: You can choose indirect high frequency or direct high frequency based on your specific needs. Use it 2 to 3 times a week.


  • Material: ABS, glass
  • Colour: Green
  • Light Color: Orange
  • Voltage: 100-240V

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