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Flora™ - Reusable Pads

Flora™ - Reusable Pads

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Would you like to save money while taking care of your health and the environment?

A pack of menstrual pads/Tampons is equivalent to 4 plastic bags. Most of us have grown accustomed to the conventional ways of managing our period: pads and tampons.

However, in recent years, companies have been creating category innovations, and we are quite excited about the healthier and more sustainable options! Today, there are several environmentally friendly period products available such as reusable pads, and period underwear.

Reusable pads are way more hygienic than plastic-based sanitary pads. Most disposable pads have chemicals and pesticides in them, which irritates the skin ultimately leading to rashes and infections. Compared to that, reusable cloth pads pose fewer risks for allergies and infections.

Our Flora™ Sanitary Pads are made from a unique combination of bamboo charcoal and ultra-absorbent fibers to create the most comfortable, secure, and easy-to-clean cloth pad on the market. A natural fit that’s at home against even the most sensitive skin, all day long. They are perfect for Menstrual Periods, Urinary Incontinence, and postpartum.

Super Absorbent And Waterproof—They feature a unique 4 part construction that pulls moisture away from the skin and into the absorbent layers beneath the Flora™, leaving you feeling dry and allowing your skin to breathe.

While You're Out Of The House

Content with no spillover onto your clothes so you can change the pad there and go on about your day!
Fold the pad over itself and snap it shut with the buttons, you can choose to rinse before or not (depending on your location/circumstances) and insert it into the wet bag. Folding the pads this way and also using our wet bag will ENSURE there are no leaks or smells.


Flora™ Bamboo Charcoal - The bamboo is broken down to its fiber form, and charcoal is then infused and woven into the bamboo fibers to create the ultimate odour-absorbing blend. Bamboo can be recycled.

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