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Glam™ - Skin Lifting Device

Glam™ - Skin Lifting Device

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Your Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Companion!

Modes are designed to target specific skin concerns, suitable for both face and neck.

Anti-aging and improving Facial Problems: The effect of a single application will last for 1-2 days! We recommend using your device 5x per week for 5 minutes. Facial Neck Lifting, Firming, Toning, Wrinkle Puffiness Reduction. Will boost your skin's firmness and elasticity for short and long-term age-defying results.


  • Multifunctional beauty instrument: Using vibration, it deeply cleans the facial skin, introduces nutrients such as masks and essences, promotes skin absorption, and lifts and tightens.

  • Easy to operate: High-end screen display, convenient and fast, all kinds of information are clear at a glance

Three light settings for all skincare needs

  • Clean Mode: Oxygen Infusion "THE JAWLINE SNATCHER"
  • Promotes microcirculation of the body surface, and lymphatic and swelling drainage. This mode calms, balances, and tightens the skin giving you that flawless jawline.

  • EMS Mode: Collagen Boost "THE SKIN SMOOTHER"
  • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines, shrinks pores, eliminates acne, kills bacteria that cause blackheads, and rejuvenates overall skin health.

  • Hot Mode: Skin Refinement "THE AGE REVERSER"
  • Enhances cell regeneration, accelerates blood circulation, promotes the growth of fiber cells and collagen, and improves dark spots while smoothing and tightening fine lines.


  • Size: 8.9*4.7*12cm

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