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Hygie™ - Shower Brush

Hygie™ - Shower Brush

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Deep cleanses the surface of the skin, relaxes muscles and relieves stress!

Our back scrubber for showers has a 14" handle to scrub all the hard-to-reach places which offers a better bath experience for your back. Multifunctional Detachable Back Body Bath Scrubber, detachable brush head, and one-touch bubbles, gently exfoliate your skin.

Refillable Liquid Soap

The handle has an integrated device for storing shower gel. Just open the cover on top of the handle, and pour the cleaning solution into the reservoir. When washing the body, just press the button on the handle, and the brush head will spray the built-in shower gel and clean the back easily without help. Suitable for everyone, especially the elderly!

Soft Nylon Brush Bristle

The brush is made of more than 1000 PBT microfibers, soft and non-invasive to the skin. Comfy denser nylon bristles can protect sensitive skin and deeply clean dirt from the skin surface, perfect for relaxing muscles and relieving stress. The brush head is detachable, which allows you to regularly clean the inner area so that stains can't escape.

Quick Drying

Simply rinse the brush after each use and hang it to dry. Drains water easily, dries quickly, has a larger brush gap, and is more breathable than ordinary towels and bath balls.


Use the bath brush long handle for the shower to boost blood circulation and improve skin health. You can also soak it to use as a body brush to remove dirt and dead skin, it can be used as a massage to relax your mind and is the most relaxing and timeless option.


  • Colour: Yellow, grey, green, pink
  • Material: PP

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