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Sculpti™ - Anti Wrinkle Device

Sculpti™ - Anti Wrinkle Device

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Every swipe revealed my hidden natural contours more & more!

Sculpti™ combines both infrared light therapy & low-grade electrical current into the face muscles and skin cells to rapidly tighten skin & boost skin regeneration.

The facial muscles contract & tighten with regular use—just like a gym workout, Sculpti™ also drains sub-dermal lymphatic fluid to bring out your facial contours.

This micro-current helps define the jawline, lifts the eyebrows, defines cheekbones, brightens, tightens & firms the skin.

What Is It? A 5-Minute Face Lift

5 minutes a day, 5 days a week provides instant and cumulative results.

Sculpti™ stimulates the larger surface areas of your face by sending gentle electrical waves through the skin down to the facial muscles. It mimics and gently re-energizes the body’s natural current helping to tone, lift, plump, and contour while reducing fine lines and wrinkles!

The results can be so dramatic from microcurrent treatments that they are considered "non-surgical face lifts."


Red mode: Red infrared "resurfacing" mode improves circulation & collagen growth by activating the mitochondria in the skin stimulating rejuvenation.

Green mode: Green light therapy or "lymphatic mode" purifies and rejuvenates your skin! It is also used to shrink pores & smooth skin texture.

Blue mode: Blue light therapy inhibits inflammation, soothes skin, and balances firmness.

Microcurrent mode: Microcurrent Mode uses low-grade electrical currents to contract & tighten facial muscles.


  • Material: Plastic

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