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Utsey™ - Yoga Strap

Utsey™ - Yoga Strap

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Adjustable Aerial Yoga Hammock - Enhance Flexibility, Strength, and Inversion Training!

Elevate your yoga practice with our Adjustable Aerial Yoga Hammock. This versatile antigravity stretching strap is designed for body flexibility, handstand training, and well-being. Strengthen your core, release tension, and achieve a perfect figure with this easy-to-use and space-saving training device.

Experience the benefits of inverted wall-hanging training, from spine traction to reduced fat deposits. Suitable for all ages, this hammock offers freedom through digital labeling for easy height adjustment.


  • Abdominal Strength Training: Exercise flexibility and target the abdominal fat line, relieving long-term waist pressure.

  • Handstand Training: Practice handstands to promote spine relaxation, reduce fat deposits, and enhance blood supply to the brain.

  • Easy Installation: Free installation with minimal space requirements; conveniently stored when not used.

  • Shoulder and Back Opening: Improve posture and achieve a more perfect figure with shoulder and back opening exercises.

  • Ageless Adjustability: No age restrictions; digital labeling allows for free adjustment according to different heights and training stages.


  • Yoga Hammock: Second-generation lower belt design
  • Weight: Approximately 685g (gross weight)

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