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Zorda™ - Razor

Zorda™ - Razor

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Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor for Zero Waste Shaving!

It’s not your skin causing ingrown, it’s your razor. This award-winning, stainless steel weighted safety razor is custom-engineered to remove hair without irritating your skin, giving you the easy, super smooth shave you want, anywhere you want it.

Why Multi-Blade Razors Suck...

When you shave, the first blade lifts your hair, making it easier for the next blade to get super close. You'll get a smooth shave, but it's just for a short while. This close shave can sometimes cut hairs under your skin (leading to ingrown hairs) and might even nick off the top layer of your skin.

Hair removal just got way easier

Not all attempts to tackle strawberry legs and ingrown hairs end with smooth results, as things can sometimes get a bit bumpy (get it?). Introducing the Zorda™ – your solution for easy, painless hair removal, leaving your skin instantly smooth!

How to use it?

To Load A Blade:

  • Unscrew the handle of the razor.
  • Unwrap the razor blade, carefully holding it by the short ends. Place in the razor.
  • Remove the bottom plate of the razor head.
  • Place the blade on top of the razor head.
  • Place the bottom plate. “Made in” should be visible.
  • Reattach the handle. Make sure it’s twisted and closed tightly.

To Shave:

  • It’s best to shave at the end of your shower when your skin is at its softest. If you need to do a quick shave, dampen the desired area with a warm washcloth.
  • Holding the blade at a 30-degree angle and using no pressure at all (remember the razor is weighted), use short, quick strokes to shave legs, underarms, or bikini areas. If you have sensitive skin, shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • Towel dry and follow with your favorite moisturizer, body gloss, or balm.

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